Our focus for 2017 is hand picking a range of Grass root Projects that enriches and highlight the experiences of service. We hope that by joining IHWA you will find your membership with us, will be rich with possibilities, and will add a deeper dimension to your world, as well as leave you with amazing memories to treasure.

We are dedicated to connecting you with other likeminded people who wish to empower and foster communities to build a better future. We wish to raise awareness and gain lasting support that strengthens initiatives for accessing Wellness and healthy lifestyles that are unique to that community. Volunteering for our current Grassroots projects such as Intention@10, Wellness for Cancer -Movement A Breast and collaboration with The Rhythm Centre DMT sponsored programs for Trafficked woman and children will definitely have a direct affect to these communities and be rewarding for you to see these causes succeed.

We are a donation-driven, grassroots organization working globally to bring about social change. We believe that everyone can make a difference, and by working together that change can be profound.

We believe in kindness, social justice, caring for the planet, public wellbeing and nurturing community’s .We invite you to join us by either donating your time, your money, your expertise, or your influence…we (and the world) need you!

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Change Doesn’t Happen. Its Made. By People Like You

IHWA Current Projects