Mission and Objectives


IHWA’s mission is to create a global culture shift – to empower people and communities to optimise health and happiness through positive lifestyle change and social action.

Wellbeing is rather all encompassing, so – to make the task less daunting – our goal is to focus on key elements of lifestyle where small changes can make a huge difference.

‘Thrive’ is our acronym for key components of lifestyle that we believe can contribute to Wellbeing.

T = thoughts, mindset, meditation

H = healthy food and habits, e.g.; not smoking, alcohol in moderation

R = rest, rejuvenation, relaxation and recovery, including sleep

I = interests, learning and social engagement

V = vigor, exercise, movement

E = environment; healthy, free of harmful chemicals


One of the biggest challenges facing society today is Chronic Disease. 63% of early deaths are due to the ‘big 4’: heart disease, cancer, respiratory disorders and diabetes. Add to that the ‘silent killer’ of depression and we have health challenges that will cost the global economy over $47 trillion dollars by the year 2030, pushing millions of people below the poverty line (source: World Economic Forum).

The crazy thing is, it’s avoidable. Through education, inspiration and providing the right resources, we can help people make healthier lifestyle choices and bring this pandemic under control.

We’ve therefore set ourselves a BHAG:

to transform 10 million lives in 10 years

To achieve this, we need YOU…your ideas, your support and your passion. Join us as a member, propose a project, or align your organisation with us as we work together in this pursuit of this goal.