IHWA is dedicated to the promotion of wellness within society. Our mission is “to help spa & wellness businesses to effectively educate, empower and engage their clients and community, so that they may THRIVE.”

Specifically, we are looking to implement and promote initiatives that help to improve quality of life through a holistic approach:

  • T Thoughts, mindset, meditation
  • H Healthy Food (nutrition) and Habits
  • R Rest, Relaxation and Rejuvenation
  • I Interests and social engagement
  • V Vigor; exercise, movement
  • E Environment; health-promoting, sustainable

We invite everyone with an interest in health and wellness to propose a project, and join us in creating and implementing initiatives that engage, empower and educate society. Please note that as a non-profit association, IHWA is a promoter and co-ordinator of projects, but is not in a position to fund them. Each project proposal must therefore include a plan for both funding and implementation.

Projects may be big or small; a once-off event, or a long-term initiative. Projects may be targeted to consumers, to spa and wellness businesses, or to third party organisations that influence wellness, such as insurance companies, government or the medical profession.

The main guideline is that they contribute to IHWA’s long-term objective of promoting health within society. To make it measurable, our specific objective is to reduce the incidence of chronic disease within society by positively impacting the lives of 10 million people within 10 years.

Projects will be evaluated and selected according to the following criteria:

Vision and Objectives

  1. Mission: aligned with IHWA’s mission of helping humanity to THRIVE.
  2. Contribution: to a knowledge base that benefits the industry or society.
  3. Educates industry, consumers or other stakeholders.
  4. Empowers industry, consumers or other stakeholders.
  5. Engagement: has the potential to engage industry, consumers or other stakeholders for collaboration.
  6. Scope: potential for global impact or implementation.
  7. Benefit: provides benefits to members of IHWA.
  8. Measurability: ability to be measured and monitored.
  9. Influence: ability to have a positive influence on policy-making / regulation or business practice.

Resource Requirements

  1. Management: manageable commitment required of IHWA staff / board members
  2. Expertise / Knowledge: required expertise identified, and realistic plan for obtaining it.
  3. Intellectual Property considerations are recognized and fairly addressed.
  4. Manpower: realistic expectations of manpower required, and plan to secure it.
  5. Alliances: appropriate partners identified with strong rationale to attract their participation.
  6. Media: attractiveness / ability to engage the media.
  7. Technology: ability to use technology / social media for efficiency and scalability.
  8. Time: realistic timing plan for implementation.
  9. Budget: realistic funding requirement, and plan to achieve it.

Ethics & Equity

  1. Neutrality: does not affect or limit the autonomy of IHWA’s decision-making / management.
  2. Non-exclusivity: does not benefit to one party to the exclusion of others. (e.g.: sponsorship cannot preclude competitors)
  3. Non-discriminatory: is not discriminatory, offensive or culturally exclusive.
  4. Safety: does no harm to the Wellness industry, individuals or planet.
  5. Transparency: all aspects of the project open to scrutiny by members or other appropriate bodies.
  6. Privacy: does not contravene any privacy laws.
  7. Career Growth: enables an increased number of people to partake in a career in wellness related industries.