A daily decision to do good for yourself and others, Intention@10 was launched on 10 October 2016 – the 10th day of the 10th month at 10am !

Borne from a desire to think global but act local, Intention@10 is an evolving movement, designed to inspire kindness, unity and healing throughout our community heartlands and the grass roots of our society.

IHWA’s board director responsible for communities, Anni Hood, explains – “intention@10 is a grassroots movement, created as an inclusive crusade to unite people and communities … across age, creed, sexuality nationality and age …the differences don’t matter, what does matter, is being human and spreading kindness.“

To discuss how you can participate in intention@10, please contact Anni Hood.

2. Kindred Academy
Aim: to bring wellbeing into schools, by creating a book and cast of characters to teach 5 to 7 year olds how to be kind, happy and healthy. “It’s all about the little things.”

Kindred Academy is a children’s book with associated program, developed to give schools a tangible, ‘plug and play’ solution in the spirit of intention@10. Teachers are provided with a toolkit and clear instructions that guide children through ten small things that they can do to improve their own lives, and the lives of those around them. The program is backed with research demonstrating the effectiveness of the initiatives, and has been designed to be in alignment with the junior school curriculum.

To get involved with Kindred Academy, please contact Anni Hood.

3. The Wishing Well
Aim: to provide free or subsidised wellness retreats to people who really need and deserve them but can’t afford them.

Recipients include those who have made a personal sacrifice to help others, such as those who have given up their own aspirations to care for loved ones, or community heroes who dedicate their time and money to helping others.


  • Wellness practitioners and retreats to register their services, including: what they are prepared to provide, for whom (condition on recipients), and how often.
  • Selection Committee to be assembled, to review and select recipients.

If interested in supporting this project, please contact Stella Photi.

4. Community Wellness for Cancer
Aim: Our aim is to identify and implement Grassroots campaigns that raise awareness and may provide optimal guidance to survivors and other professionals who may need to learn and understand new therapeutic or integrative approaches to cancer.

IHWA ‘s approach will be inclusive, supporting and will promote wellness and or capacity building exercise resources and activities to serve the unique needs of cancer survivors initiatives as well as assist professionals to deepen their knowledge of the effects of cancer diagnosis and treatment in the spas.

Our current 2017/8 project is Movement A Breast Program .Currently Breast Cancer affects 1 in 8 women throughout the world. Woman who have had breast cancer are subject to cancer related fatigue as well as other physical challenges such as limited upper body movement. This client centered program offers physical wellness and healing through Movement expression and storytelling. Dance and Movement is an effective intervention and improves the emotional well-being of participants and enhances the quality of life during this challenging time. It improves the psychological wellbeing of participants including their self-esteem as well as decreases’ level of stress hormones .DMT benefits increases hope and vitality along with aiding in social support.

These affective teachings of Dance Movement Therapies series assists breast cancer survivors to conquer physical ailments and encourages mindfulness healing .Contact info@ihwa.org or info@therhythmcentre.com

5. Trafficked Children Project –India

The Rhythm Centre and its Generous Outreach charity program are dedicated to supporting woman and children whose lives are affected or at risk of being affected by prostitution and trafficking. The Rhythm Centre envisions a society in which all woman and children are empowered to achieve their full potential free from discrimination abuse and neglect .Its missions is to promote and develop an Integrated Holistic response to all Children’s needs and Empower Woman to make Choices to Improve the Quality of their lives.

The Rhythms Centre’s Generous Charity was founded by board member Suzie Craddock in 2016 after spending 3 months volunteering in Kolkata working directly with children who have been trafficked…Suzie is also lobbying and campaigning to raise awareness and change public attitudes and policies regarding pornographic internet sites made available through the Hotel chains in an effort to make every child’s life count.

The Rhythm Centre’s generous charity now offers global support to the Kolkata NGO and is fund raising for 3 projects including a Centre of Excellence and DMT educational Scholarships and is collaborating with IHWA to support individual Scholarship’s for young woman who have survived this ordeal and wish to re shape their lives.

If you are interested in working with Suzie to become a Volunteer Ambassador for these project causes or donate to the IHWA scholarship through The Rhythm Centre please contact Suzie at info@therhythmcentre.com or info@ihwa.org

6. Practitioner Register


There are many great Healers and Health professionals However how do you find the practitioner that’s best for your particular health NEEDS? Or, if you are a retreat operator, how do you find staff that meets your resort client’s NEEDS? Same request different circumstances.

Under this initiative, practitioners from every form of Wellness therapy can register in our searchable directory. Clients may also leave Trip Advisor-style reviews and or testimonials allowing the market to bring well-deserved exposure to quality practitioners.

Please contact our beautiful board member Corinna Yap if interested in participating in this initiative or info@ihwa.org

7. Mentoring


We wish to enrich and support young talent coming into the Wellness workforce in two ways:

1 Connect aspiring professionals with established leaders from various branches of the wellness industry who are ready and willing to pass on their deep knowledge and rich experience.

2 Cross Industry Collaboration: Connect Wellness professionals with experts outside of Wellness, such as business, sustainability, design or any other technical field. Wellness overlaps with many fields, and we know that there are a lot of people outside the industry who are interested and what to get involved This initiative would provide a vehicle for you to put back into the Spa Wellness Industry.

Please contact our key leader in this project Mahesh Natarajan if you wish to benefit and discuss how you may be involved within this supportive mentoring atmosphere .IHWA wishes to help transform other’s lives by mentoring the next generations of health professionals If you would like to contribute to the Mission of Mentoring while also supporting your own personal growth Contact Mahesh today on info@ihwa.org

8. Web Research Assistants


Gather and organize information for IHWA projects for their Websites, when needed, as well as other special projects as assigned. Candidates must have excellent writing skills, possess good research abilities, and be comfortable using the Internet and Microsoft Word. Web Researchers may volunteer on project by project basis throughout the year and are able to work from home.

Have fun and volunteer today by inquiring at info@ihwa.org

9. Administration


Our IHWA Friends Administration Office is now receiving volunteer assistance weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Volunteers are responsible for the reception web site clerical needs, computer entry, and other special projects. Willingness to use a computer is required, and we can support you with training if necessary. Volunteers assist other project departments on a weekly basis with administrative duties. This is a great way to get skill sets up during a gap year Join us and get work experience during your gap year Write to us today info@ihwa.org

10. Education and Research frontiers


Our exciting new blog will highlight any new research, discoveries and innovation of the Spa world. From the development of new treatments to the understanding of health and wellness indulgences to articles.

The blog and our website will offer lively writing accompanied by original images and videos.

Inquiry – We welcome your inquiries we wish to engage you in research of any kind

Short Takes We look for Videos that tell us about you and your unforgettable stories and any special offerings that you are currently giving most short videos can take around two minutes Please send these to us so we can put them up here on our blog

Experts Members who have expertise in a particular field and are comfortable talking with we want to share your stories on our site please contact us on info@ihwa.org



Grow Together

Our Education Team wants to work to enhance various Spa Enterpises Our sponsored Programs assists with funding, submitting proposals, and managing IHWA awards .WE also help researchers comply with various regulations as well as policies Grow Together now is our motto Please contact us on info@ihwa.org

12. Volunteer


Volunteer with us today. We Love celebrating our Mission award of Nominees and winners! Amazing people doing amazing things at IHWA and across the Wellness World.!

Come! Put your time and talents to great use by volunteering at IHWA. Start on the path of living and volunteering life as you choose our various projects? Join us today info@ihwa.org

13. Wellbeing at School


Aim: to curate and develop wellness counselling programs to be offered in schools, to teach kids about all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

The intention here is to prevent chronic disease from the outset, by creating positive behaviour from a young age. This is already being done to great effect by some schools who have added short meditations as daily practice. Benefits are proven to extend beyond the classroom, also creating positive effects in the home and community.

We want to identify the programs that work and help them to scale – particularly in areas of food/nutrition, movement, mindfulness and social contribution.


  • We’re looking for a Project Champion to lead this initative. If you have a particular interest in seeing our education systems become a vehicle for social change, please contact us!

If interested in leading or supporting this project, please contact info@ihwa.org.

14. Wellness Best Practice Guides


Aim: to support the Wellness Industry, to ensure that the treatments, products, information and tools that it provides to consumers are safe and genuinely effective.

The Wellness Industry is BIG…US$3.4 trillion* big, and getting bigger every day. More than any other industry, Wellness is the best placed to deal with the scourge of chronic disease – by teaching, empowering and inspiring its customers to make healthy lifestyle choices.

However, due to the fast-growing, fast-changing nature of the industry, many businesses are often not keeping up with ideal training and standards of operation. We want to help identify and communicate best practice, to make the industry stronger and even more effective.


  • We’re looking for at least one Project Champion to lead this initiative – ideally one strategically-mind leader to oversee the entire initiative, and then one Project Champion per subject / guide. If you work in the Wellness industry and are passionate about standards and practices in a particular area, please contact us!

If interested in leading or supporting this project, please contact info@ihwa.org.

The following projects are also under consideration and may be adopted if there is sufficient demand from (and support by) the community:


  • ‘What is Wellness?’ educational video series. Wellness has become a buzzword but very few people have a clear idea of what it is and what it involves. This project would require collaboration by Wellness industry organisations to produce a series that can be used to educate consumers about the various elements of wellness, how to live well in their daily lives, and how the Wellness industry can support them to do that.

Please contact info@ihwa.org if interested in participating in this initiative.