While the number of projects that could improve global wellbeing is limitless, unfortunately the resources of a not-for-profit association are not. We recognise that the time and efforts of our volunteers is precious, so projects are carefully selected according to the following criteria:

Vision and Objectives
1 Mission: aligned with IHWA’s mission of optimising global health and happiness.
2 Contribution: to a knowledge base that benefits society.
3 Educates industry, consumers or other stakeholders.
4 Empowers industry, consumers or other stakeholders.
5 Engagement: has the potential to engage industry, consumers or other stakeholders for collaboration.
6 Scope: potential for global impact or implementation.
7 Benefit: provides benefits to members of IHWA.
8 Measurability: ability to be measured and monitored.
9 Influence: ability to have a positive influence on policy-making / regulation or business practice.

Resource Requirements

1 Management: manageable commitment required of IHWA staff / board members
2 Expertise / Knowledge: required expertise identified, and realistic plan for obtaining it.
3 Intellectual Property considerations are recognized and fairly addressed.
4 Manpower: realistic expectations of manpower required, and plan to secure it.
5 Alliances: appropriate partners identified with strong rationale to attract their participation.
6 Media: attractiveness / ability to engage the media.
7 Technology: ability to use technology / social media for efficiency and scalability.
8 Time: realistic timing plan for implementation.
9 Budget: realistic funding requirement, and plan to achieve it.

Ethics & Equity

1 Neutrality: does not affect or limit the autonomy of IHWA’s decision-making / management.
2 Non-exclusivity: does not benefit to one party to the exclusion of others. (e.g.: sponsorship cannot preclude competitors)
3 Non-discriminatory: is not discriminatory, offensive or culturally exclusive.
4 Safety: does no harm to individuals, groups or the planet.
5 Transparency: all aspects of the project open to scrutiny by members or other appropriate bodies.
6 Privacy: does not contravene any privacy laws.
7 Career Growth: enables an increased number of people to partake in a career in wellness related industries.