Proposals may be made online by completing the form below. If you are unable to complete the application in one sitting, you can save your application and resume it later.

OR, if you prefer to complete the proposal offline, click here to download our PDF guidelines and instructions.


  • Submit your completed Project Application via email to
  • The IHWA Board will review your application within 14 days of receipt. Each IHWA Board member will vote on your proposal, with reference to the Project Selection Criteria listed in this application form.
  • Projects with an average score over 60% (against the Project Selection Criteria) will be tabled for discussion at the next monthly Board meeting. Project Proposals with scores less than 60% will be rejected, or returned with questions or suggestions for improvement.
  •  Projects receiving approval by 60% of the Board will be approved to proceed.
    Once a project is approved, an IHWA Board member will be appointed to work with you / the project leader for implementation.